Our Team is committed to improving people’s lives through vital infrastructure projects. Emerald Energy & Exploration’s years of success in the industry are because of individuals like you. Emerald Energy & Exploration is comprised of two primary service divisions: Right of Way Acquisition and Pipeline Integrity Services. Our services play a vital role in the day-to-day lives of communities and customers to ensure reliability and safety for everyone.

Emerald Energy & Exploration is a corporation guided by our Core Values of Passion, Integrity, and Care, and as the solution to our client’s needs, we implemented the “Emerald Way”. The “Emerald Way” is our unique company culture, our collective set of skills, and our training program. Emerald Energy & Exploration provides a fresh approach by implementing new software such as our E-Tract asset management database.

Emerald Energy & Exploration continues to evolve, reinforcing existing relationships while building new and strong relationships with clients. We are sure that we can “Be Your Solution.”

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Working for the “Greater Good”

Our team is made of dedicated individuals with unique abilities committed to the “Greater Good” by improving people’s lives through vital infrastructure projects. Each team member committed to “Go the Extra Mile” for our clients, property owners, and each other.

“Being the Solution”

I have always said that Emerald Energy & Exploration is only as good as our people, which makes us exceptional.

With our collective set of skills, we pride ourselves on “Being the Solution” for clients’ needs. We continue to implement new processes, procedures, and initiatives guided by our core values of passion, integrity, and care. Emerald Energy & Exploration’s quality of service and ability to work well under pressure sets us apart from the competition. Our proven track record of managing projects on time and within budgets speaks for itself. At Emerald Energy & Exploration we strive to systemize processes and create more structure within projects by staying open minded, growth oriented, and open to change. ~ Adam Bailey, President and CEO

“Accountability and Goals”

Ensuring clarity in our roles and commitments while remaining dedicated to our individual duties is vital for project success. We are committed to fostering a work environment rooted in fairness, where everyone is held accountable for delivering results. This is achieved through unified efforts and a relentless focus on enhancing productivity.

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