Land Acquisition

Emerald Energy & Exploration offers an extensive range of integrated solutions that encompass every facet of the right-of-way (ROW) process, spanning from meticulous planning and title support to appraisal, negotiation, property management, and relocation aid. Backed by over 15 years of industry experience, Emerald Energy & Exploration effectively navigates intricate ROW challenges by leveraging its seasoned expertise. What sets Emerald Energy & Exploration apart in the industry is not only the caliber of its personnel but also the consistent value it provides to its dedicated customer base.

Our team possesses the acumen to navigate zoning regulations, land use restrictions, and lease agreements, enabling our clients to expand their reach efficiently and effectively. Our firm’s comprehensive understanding of real estate dynamics and industry-specific requirements positions us as a trusted partner in driving forward the infrastructure necessary for a sustainable and reliable energy future.

Our Services:

  • Turnkey Solutions
    • ROW Planning and Evaluation
    • ROW Cost Estimating
    • ROW and Mapping Database Design and Management
    • Route and Site Identification and Evaluation
    • ROW Liaison with Engineering and Other Contractors
    • Permitting
  • Land Rights Acquisition and Title
    • ROW/Lease Negotiations and Acquisition
    • Supplemental Agreements
    • Survey Permission and Notification
    • Property Owner Notification and Meetings
    • Damage Claim Settlement
    • Abstracting and Title Examination
    • Limited Title Certificates
  • Project Management
    • Risk Identification
    • Risk Management
    • Status Tracking and Reporting
    • Line List and Map Building
    • Electronic Database Management
    • Construction Support


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